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Paragon Dawn  -  Champions Online Hero Supergroup
Paragon Dawn
Argent Dawn (US) - 13 users
OUR GAMES6 games
game Champions Online - PC
Recruitment information
Category: Casual, lite RP, PVE, XP/level grind, fun gamers, blue humor.
Age Requirement: 18+ mature players please.
Special Requirements: Age requirement, please be respectful of others and represent the SG with pride.
Do you PvP?: Your choice. We don't usually PvP, but you are free to play how you like.
Do you run 5-mans / etc?: We try to team up on a regular basis. Alert teams, Adventure Packs, etc.
Personal Taboos: Harassing other SG members, immature behavior, vault raiders, general rudeness and beggars will not be tolerated.
Contact Info & Primary Timezone: All timezones. Contact @emmiblaze, @sovereignjustice, @huntingrose, @gogoginga or @themadvyking for info and invites.
About Us: Paragon Dawn was formed in the aftermath of the CoH closure by members of groups like Hero Dawn, The Justice Girls and Geeks United. We are more of a family than an SG.
Other: We have a chat bot that links IRC with in game chat, a streaming radio station, community events. We have grown to multiple SGs all linked via a global chat channel as 500 is the max size for SG in CO.

We are a large and very active group who believe in helping our own and other SG's we've formed a coalition with. There is never a stupid question in our ranks. Ask, and you will be answered. Speak, and you will be heard.

Ask any member of Paragon Dawn in game or visit our website at for more information, fill out an application for membership or to be put in touch with a recruiting officer. We look forward to taking you into the family and making you feel welcome.
Time Schedules
Casual Social 18+ Only PvE voice None
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