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Paragon Dawn  -  Champions Online Hero Supergroup
Paragon Dawn
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We are a growing group on Champions Online compromised of members from groups who believe not only in playing the game but recapturing the family feel that groups like Hero Dawn, Justice Girls and Geek's United brought to the City of Heroes game.

Whether your play style is role playing, mission grinding, number crunching, or any other that can be mentioned, all are welcome. All we ask is you respect the other players and fun with all.

This group was formed by Sovereign Rayne and Mad Vyking. Both from Hero Dawn and Rayne also with Justice Girls: Mystic Blade era. As we grew we found players like Soft Lips from Geek's United. It was then we realized we had an active and growing group for all. Now in its second incarnation we have likes the of Galena Wainwright, Wildfire, Riola and Misty Rayne to help.

We hope you will add to the the family with your own unique personality and style.

Again, Welcome to Paragon Dawn.